Friday, May 6, 2016

Shifting of Blog Address


I'm in the process of slowly shifting the blogs over to TickerEatsTheWorld.Wordpress.Com

There's going to be a lot about food along with travel on the page, so please follow the blog and visit it whenever you can.

Thank you

Friday, March 28, 2014

Pottery Show Film Cups

Isn't the world a wonderful place? Take these Pottery Show Film Cups that I picked up in Fuengirola, Spain where I, an Indian, was holidaying with two of my college friends who happened to be from Finland and Switzerland. Small world right?

So, what tickled my fancy about these cups that my friend told me about when we went to one of the many local restaurants on this beachside haven in the Costa Del Sol, Spain; well, they hold a secret that can both entice and excite you at the same time.

The big question, before we get into what these cups can do, is about their origins. I have a faint memory of someone suggesting that they originated in Japan, but the restaurant we were in was Chinese, so they could very well be Chinese in origin.

Nevertheless, the story told to me about these "film cups" is that men in Japan/China (my apologies to the nation that should not be listed here), when they want to have a little fun while at a party at someone's house or at a place where one has to be respectable, they can use these cups that each holds a picture, of the "adult" nature, revealed only to the keen eye, if a clear liquid (for example, rice wine) is poured into the cup. How cool is that?

There is obviously a small design flaw in this; I mean if your wife were happen to do the dishes (I’m not saying she should, but if she did) and poured water into the cup, imagine her shock. I guess you might just say hello to the couch for a very long time.

I've had these films cups in the depths of my cupboard for years now and with kids around the house I don't think they will see the light of day anytime soon, but if you ever come over and are in need of some excitement, remind me to show them to your, but don't tell you wife about them, and especially not my wife.       

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Discovering the Real Crete

As someone who, perhaps rather pretentiously, likes to think of themselves as a traveller rather than just a serial tourist, I thought that the hugely popular Greek island of Crete would be far too conventional a destination for me.

In my mind’s eye it was full of loved-up couples oiling each other up on the beach and screaming British kids at half term. I’ll admit it - I was a backpacking snob. Although I love the Greek Islands, I had written this particular isle off as beneath me before I had even set foot on it. And I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Despite being the largest and most populated of the Greek islands, Crete offered an experience unlike any I have ever had before, as do all my favourite destinations.

The hugely varied landscape gives you crystal-clear swimmable seas, magnificent mountain ranges and tranquil locations alike. The fantastic culture means that whether you’re sipping a Greek coffee on a roadside in the mountains, witnessing the pure spectacle of a rural Greek wedding, or boogying the night away at a beach-bar, you feel part of something truly special.

Are you after a quiet rural retreat? Head for the hills, or for one of the remote villages along the southern shoreline and experience a slice of Cretan life which has seen little-change in the last century.

I started my trip to Crete with a few days on the north coast, which is perfect if you’re looking for sun, sea and relaxation. The perfect stretches of sand cannot be rivalled, in my view, anywhere else in the Mediterranean.

What about visiting Balos Lagoon, a little piece of paradise situated on the rugged, unspoiled north-west coast of Crete? The perfect place to really embrace your surroundings, Balos Lagoon was even visited by Prince Charles and Princess Diana on their private yacht many moons ago. And they had the right idea – a yacht or boat is the ideal way to get to this little lagoon, surrounded only by moon-white sand and craggy cliffs. Boats leave Kastelli-Kissamos daily or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could charter your own! Many a fisherman would be happy to oblige.

The sea is shallow and warm, and millions of pinkish crushed shells are visible beneath the water’s crystalline surface. I visted Balos Lagoon out of season, in the early morning, before the boats all arrived. I had heard it can get pretty busy during the day, especially between July and August, so plan your day accordingly, depending on what your priorities are.

The Iraklio region is the place to head if you’re looking for a party destination, and can be great value for money if you’re prepared to suck it up (maybe I should have) and do the tourist thing. You can always try Very Cheap Holidays - it does what it says on the tin – offering a range of cheap holidays to Crete, for instance; if you’re after something a little more bohemian then you could end your trip to Crete with a stay at Skites.  This laidback, friendly retreat close to Mount Athos, offers a remote setting to discover the historic monasteries of the region from, as well as to relax on the rocky beach, take a boat trip and enjoy delicious, authentic cuisine.

This was definitely my favourite part of Crete, but who’s to say what will be yours? The only way to find out is to go and discover it for on your own.

This is a PR collaboration written and presented by the wonderful people of Very Cheap Holidays.  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Book Talk – Vinod Mehta

It had been a while since I “discovered” a new author. Usually, during my long summer vacations, over the past few years, I would wander into my favourite book shop in Birmingham and browse around spending a good two to three hours and coming out sometimes with 4-5 books while at other times empty handed. Nevertheless, the fact remains that discovering an author is always exciting. That tingling feeling you get when you have just finished the very first book by an author you had never heard of before, and loved it, and just can’t wait to go out and pick more books by the same author, is simply amazing.

Keeping this is mind; I accepted an invitation to a book event, in Gurgaon, a while back, wherein Mr. Vinod Mehta was releasing his memoir titled Lucknow Boy. I’ll be the first to admit, and honestly speaking I don’t you’ll bother asking everyone you meet this, but I had no clue as to who he was. After doing a bit of research I ended up at the event, and taking in all the excitement that people present there were illustrating, I was sure that it was the right place to be.